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Some Special Pets Need Your Help


Tiger was born with tiny eyes and surrendered to us as a baby.  He has some shadow vision, but is mostly blind.  A wonderful foster person gave him the care and love he needed to become the beautiful cat he is now.  Unfortunately, he became unhappy being with the other cats because he could not see them coming up and it startled him. Tiger needs a home of his very own.   He would be very happy and comfortable on someone's screened-in patio, as long as he had a kind-hearted person who would pet and talk to him often.  Tiger picks his friends, but he loves to be petted.  If anyone can open their home and their hearts to Tiger, please call Lee:  Cell:  754-366-8072 or work: 561-226-9508

Snoopy is a great, 11-month old, neutered, male cat with a terrific personality who was surrendered to us as a kitten.  His left eye produces excess tears.  Perhaps it arose as a leftover from a cold, or an allergy or a blocked tear duct (the only way to know this is through surgery).  With the proper medication, this condition may clear up if he was in a home of his own.  Currently, he lives in a very busy foster home with many other pets.  Snoopy would be a treasure to anyone who can take the time to work with him to solve his problem.  He is playful, inquisitive, obedient and gets along wonderfully with other cats and dogs. (He often cuddles up with a terrier.) To see Snoopy, please call Lee at 561-226-9508 (work) or 754-366-8072 .



Resin's owner had a disagreement with his roommate.  The roommate became angry and  intentionally broke both bones in Resin's right front leg.  Fortunately, he was rescued by the police.  Resin requires surgery to implant a plate to correct the damage.  The cost of this procedure is beyond what we can afford, so we really need your support.  (Resin also has Ehrlichiosis (a tick-borne disease) which we can effectively treat.)  Resin is a sweet, gentle Teddy Bear who deserves a chance at happiness.  Thankfully, Resin has his freedom for this July 4th.  Won't you help give him a new start by making a donation towards his care?  We (and Resin!) would be most appreciative.

Tony has a broken jaw and had to undergo two surgeries.  A special wire splint was implanted to fix the bone in place so it can properly heal.   He will be in recovery for two months.  The cost was enormous!!!  Donations of any amount to offset his veterinary bills will be greatly appreciated.  ..

Please consider a donation to assist us with caring for homeless animals.
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