We rescue and adopt an average of 100 animals per month.

              Ways to help:

When shopping online, use smile.amazon.com (select animal aid as your charity)
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Click “IGIVE.com” before you shop online.
(select Animal Aid as your charity).
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Use “GOODSEARCH.com” to search the internet.
(choose Animal Aid as your charity).
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List unwanted items on Ebay and select animal aid as your Charity
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Donate or collect items to use as a raffle prize or silent auction item.

Collect items from our wish list:
Cleaning supplies; paper towels, trash bags, bleach, laundry soap, hand sanitizer, etc.

Pet supplies: pine or clay cat litter, wet cat or dog food, toys, beds, towels, throw rugs, scratching posts, sheets,
leashes, folding cages, etc.

Transport rescued pets to our adoption center and clinic.

Become a humane feral cat trapper.

Become a foster parent for kittens or puppies or recovering animals.

Plan a fundraising event. (Happy hour, dog walk, golf tournament, yard sale, party, etc.)

Volunteer at one of the off-site adoption centers at petsmart or Petco.

I want to help year round by becoming an Animal Aid "Wings member".

Click Here To Become an "Animal Aid Wing"
Or if you would like to make a one time donation click below.
(PayPal link here)

Click the banner below to help raise funds for Animal Aid when you shop online!

571 NE 44th St.
NW corner of Prospect (44th) and 6th
Oakland Park, FL 33334

Our phone number is 754-223-5378
E-mail AnimalAidInc@aol.com

We are a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization which relies solely on donations.

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